Video Premiere: Laura Cantrell - "All the Girls Are Complicated"

Music Video Laura Cantrell
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Even for a city that so continually produces new music stars as Nashville does, the Nashville-born, New York City-based Laura Cantrell is something special. Last year’s record No Way There From Here (Thrift Shop Recordings) was released to critical acclaim, and it follows a string of stellar country efforts, including her 2000 debut Not the Tremblin’ Kind, which famed English disc-jockey John Peel called his “favorite record of the last 10 years, possibly my life.” In an already established career of four LPs and establishing a voice in country music, Cantrell finally feels like she has stepped into her own voice with No Way There From Here. She says of the record, “Each recording project presents a fresh question to answer about what you’re doing and why. For this record, where I’ve worked for the first time with mostly my own songs and point of view, the pressure I’ve felt is to find what suits each song and do it justice. It was challenging and exciting because I have had to really define the sound.” She looked for the help of director Hugh Hales-Tooke for the new music video for “All the Girls Are Complicated,” a clip that sees Cantrell sing through cut-out faces of various female figures to create a feeling of unity in what she is doing for her gender. You can check out the video premiere of “All the Girls Are Complicated” above.