Song Premiere: Dave Barnes - "Headlights"

Music Audio Dave Barnes
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Nashville singer-songwriter Dave Barnes has a pretty devoted group of fans, and within its ranks are not only the droves concert-goers who have steadily grown in number since his first EP release in 2002, but also fellow musicians and collaborators like Matt Wertz and Blake Shelton. His latest full-length, Hymns for Her, continues to draw inspiration from love and relationships, and the result is a collection of warm, deeply personal songs that still maintain a relatable quality.

In anticipation of the release of Hymns for Her, Barnes has revealed album track “Headlights,” a song that touches on the obstacles and the romance of a long-distance relationship.

“File this one under reminiscing,” Barnes said. “My wife and I dated long-distance, and I have such strong memories of seeing her pulling onto my street late at night after driving from Jackson, me waiting out on the street for her.”

He says that the song has become a symbol for the anticipation he felt when she would visit.

“Having been married for several years now, I was thinking back on that time—wanted to capture that distinct moment in a new relationship when everything changes.

Listen to “Headlights” in the player above. Hymns for Her is set for release on Feb. 10.

Dacey Orr is Paste’s multimedia editor. You can follow her on Twitter.