Song Premiere: Ivan & Alyosha - "All This Wandering Around"

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Last week, Seattle band Ivan & Alyosha announced their sophomore album It’s All Just Pretend, and 11-song release that will be the band’s follow-up to 2013’s All The Times We Had. Produced by Joe Chiccarelli (U2, My Morning Jacket), Ryan Carbary and Chad Copelin, It’s All Just Pretend will be released in May, but in the meantime the five-piece has shared the album’s first single, “All This Wandering Around.”

“I wrote this song in Nashville, TN with Jason and Jordan Lehning,” said band co-founder Tim Wilson. “Jason ended up mixing the final version of the song for the record. Jordan brought a lot of the melodies and progression to the table. It all came really quick, we had about four hours together, by the end of it we knew we had something really special.”

The song stands out from the very opening notes, but its message is as captivating as its melody.

“We wanted to write a song that would connect. I think for a lot of people these days there is a lot of wandering: a lack of community, meaning and grounding,” Wilson said. “Life is so busy and it can be hard to take a step back and refocus. For me, the last several years have either been on the road playing shows every night or at home taking care of my two boys. In both situations, I let a lot of time go by just letting life happen, reacting to the varied challenges that each day brings. But many times, within the craziness of it all, I can forget why I’m doing what I do—forget to be a good friend, husband or dad.”

The song is about looking for something bigger than yourself.

“I think we’ll all always be looking for something, even if we’ve found some sort of meaning or purpose or contentment,” Wilson continued. “Seems like every time I think I’ve got it figured out, something happens that shows me how much I don’t have it figured out, and how much more I need to grow, learn and change. But hopefully the wandering brings us all full circle, back to the people and the things that we love.”

Listen to “All This Wandering Around” in the player above. It’s All Just Pretend is set for release on May 5 via Dualtone.

Dacey Orr is Paste’s multimedia editor. You can follow her on Twitter.