Video Premiere: American Aquarium - "Losing Side of Twenty-Five"

Music Video American Aquarium
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American Aquarium’s recent release Wolves caught our attention for its ‘different horizon, one that’s richer and perhaps just a bit closer to the promised land,’ and as the follow-up to their 2012 breakthrough Burn. Flicker. Die. it left little doubt that this North Carolina band is one to watch. Now, American Aquarium has released a video for standout album track “Losing Side of Twenty-Five.”

“I wrote this song shortly after my 30th birthday,” said frontman BJ Barham. “I was questioning my path and the choices that I’ve made, wondering if being a musician was the responsible career choice. I was catching up with some old friends and started to see just how different our lives had turned out.”

The track touches on jealous feelings while leaving the listener with an overall positive outlook.

“The ironic part is as they get older, they start to want what I have—freedom, experience, travel—and I’m slowly becoming envious of what they have,” Baham said. “The stability, family, normality. It’s just my way of saying that no matter how good you have it, there will always be something you want. Just be happy with the life you’ve chosen for yourself and make it the best for you and the ones around you.”

Watch the video for “Losing Side of Twenty-Five” in the player above.