Album Stream: The Weather Machine - Peach

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Portland, Oregon quintet The Weather Machine have grown noticeably since their 2013 debut record. The self-titled effort saw the band drawing heavily on the Pacific Northwest vibes of laid-back folk storytelling, really the sound of a band finding its footing together. They had only formed the year prior, when when singer Slater Smith and guitarist Colin Robson met at an open-mic in Pacific City, Oregon and decided to join up to record Smith’s songs in Robson’s studio. Cellist Matthew Cartmill joined Smith and Robson to record that set, along with Smith’s brother Tanner on drums. Since, Luke Hoffman has permanently replaced Tanner Smith on drums, and they have made bassist Nick Hamel their full-time bassist.

Perhaps the solidified lineup and time spent playing together accounts for the more expanded, fully-realized sound on their sophomore effort Peach. The spirit of Weather Machine is still largely present, with a focus on songwriting and storytelling, but it’s more about how The Weather Machine are telling the stories that is so noticeably changed. They have bolstered their sound through live performances, garnering attention as a full-fledged rock band, capable of channeling a soaring energy through their performances that is fully evident here. They seem more confident than ever with exploring new areas of their sound and enhancing them, nestling a rollicking country-tinged anthem “Wannabe Cowboys” up against the electronic-leaning title track.

Check out the full album stream above, exclusively on Paste, and pre-order Peach now. The record is due out March 24.