Album Stream: Greg Holden - Chase The Sun

Music Audio Greg Holden
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Sometimes, it takes an escape from your usual surroundings to generate creative inspiration. That was the case for Greg Holden, the singer-songwriter known for co-writing “Home” for Phillip Phillips and his own hit single, “The Lost Boy.” Drawing from the inspiration that sparked from a trip to India and Nepal, Holden has brought forth a new album, Chase The Sun.

The album, much like the title suggests, is rich with optimistic musings. “Hold On Tight,” the first single, features spirited vocals and pulsating drums that drive the track forward. Primal “”whoa oh oh ohs” punctuate “Free Again,” another track that fittingly has sonic resemblance to a sunrise. Holden’s uplifting theme is clear—as he said in regard to the album, “I wanted to create songs that would provoke positive thought, or, at the very least, some meaningful reactions from listeners.”

Chase The Sun will be officially released on April 14. Listen to the album in its entirety in the player above.