Video Premiere: The Wooden Sky - "Saturday Night"

Music Video The Wooden Sky
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Canadian band The Wooden Sky have announced the release of their fourth studio album Let’s Be Ready, their first since 2012’s Every Child A Daughter, Every Moon A Sun. Working with producer Chris Stringer, this album was their first without founding member Andrew Wyatt and marks a shift in direction for the band. But that doesn’t mean they’re forgetting their history: in the band’s latest video, they’ve taken memorable footage from their past and stitched it together with the album’s opening track, “Saturday Night.”

“When you compress time like that it brings a lot of memories flooding back,” says lead singer Gavin Gardiner. “There was the ‘Bedrooms and Backstreets’ tour we were crazy enough to play anywhere with (and often without) a three prong plug. We climbed atop vans, armed with fireworks, set off in canoes without a thought to how difficult it is to keep the boats together so we’d have a chance to hear each other.”

Gardiner says that the video is a great introduction for new fans, but also a fun retrospective for their longtime followers and friends.

“A lot of the recent footage also comes from [the] five-hour ‘Travelling Show’ that saw us and 400 of our closest friends take over Toronto, playing in parking lots, on the street, in parks, the backs of trucks and every lane way in between,” Gardiner says. “I recall seeing the whiskey bottles passed through the audience, slowly making their way to the front of the makeshift stage atop on old loading dock.”

Watch “Saturday Night” in the player above. Let’s Be Ready is set for release on June 16 via Nevado Music.