"100 Greatest Quotes From the Wire" Video (Awesome of the Day)

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"100 Greatest Quotes From the Wire" Video (Awesome of the Day)

Oh, the glories of the YouTube. Thank you, user hh1edits for lovingly compiling 100 clips from the second best TV show of the decade into one 10-minute-long video. Thanks to for originally publishing it. And thanks to indie rock blog for alerting us to it.

I'm still working my way through Season 4, so I had to hit mute a few times to avoid spoilers, but it was great to once again hear D'Angelo Barksdale hold up photocopied bills and say "Does this look like money, motherfucker? Money be green." Or Chief Burrell declare, "It's Baltimore, gentleman. The gods will not save you." Or Stringer Bell ask, "Motherfucker are you taking notes on a criminal fucking conspiracy?" Which brings me to the point that you might not want to play this loudly at work or in front of the kids.