Awesome of the Day: "Sassy Gay Friend" On Shakespeare

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Awesome of the Day: "Sassy Gay Friend" On Shakespeare

“Meet Ophelia from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. She’s about to take her own life. This fate could have been avoided if she had a sassy, gay friend.”

So begins the first of the “Sassy Gay Friend” series from Chicago’s legendary Second City comedy troupe. The short films, starring Brian Gallivan and directed by Joshua Funk, offer alternative endings to your favorite Shakespearean plays if only the tragic female characters had a sassy gay friend to talk some sense into them.

“He’s also ordered a pillow at Bed, Bath & Beyond that’s good for smothering, so Tina Turner, we got to private dance it out of here,” he tells Desdemona. “Save it Patty Hearst,” he tells Juliet. “I’m not buying any Stockholm Syndrome today, thank you.”

The videos are all on YouTube, and you can watch them below:

Romeo and Juliet: