Awesome of the Day: Muziic DJ

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Awesome of the Day: Muziic DJ

In addition to being the premiere source for amusing-if-not-mildly-exploitative videos featuring kittens, small children and/or histrionic pseudo-celebrities, YouTube also makes a pretty good last-minute house party DJ.

Now, thanks to a new free application from the folks behind music-streaming service Muziic, you too can impress your friends and release your inner Jam Master Jay/Spinderella an evening.

Muziic DJ allows you to search for tunes on YouTube, craft that perfect playlist and then go nuts with the blips and beats. The app, which looks like a virtual DJ set, has two decks for uploading simultaneous aural pleasures. You can crossfade for the just-right transition, mess around with loops and beats and pretend you actually know what you’re doing and add scratches, reverb or playback.

The only drag is that the app doesn’t include pitch control—the result of a YouTube API restriction, according to a post from Mashable — so your brilliant Notorious B.I.G / Ace of Base mashup will have to wait until you can afford the fancy software. Although this feature would make Muziic DJ a whole lot more awesome, it’s still a fun, mildly addictive diversion and, in some situations, a potential dance party saver.