Open Sound: A Sound Map of New Orleans

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Open Sound: A Sound Map of New Orleans

Now you don’t have to visit Louisiana to grasp the vast array of sounds that fill New Orleans. You can hear them from a map. Open Sound New Orleans is a wiki-style project led by Heather Booth and Jacob Brancasi that allows anyone to upload sounds recorded from their daily lives or notable moments in the Crescent City, including music, background noise, interviews, and conversation.

The project, which relies on grants and individual donations, intends “to make more accessible the authentic, unedited sounds and voices of New Orleans.” The Google map of the city is visible in satellite or “hybrid” form with street names and areas labeled clearly.

You can drop your mouse on Canal St. to hear neighbors arguing in April of 2009, or head to the French Quarter to hear a brass band playing on Bourbon Street before the Superbowl. Hear cars crossing the St. Claude Avenue Bridge in the Ninth Ward, or musicians playing “Taps” on the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in the same location. Listen to the sounds of New Orleans here and see what else you can find.