The Running of the Bulls in New Orleans

New Orleans
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Each morning, from July 6 to July 14, more than a million tourists and locals, decked in red and white, descend upon the city of Pamplona to witness the beauty and brutality of the first encierro, or running of the bulls, of the annual Fiestas de San Fermín.

But for those of us on this side of the Atlantic, either too busy, too broke, or too terrified at the thought of watching people get gored, there is a much closer option for getting your fiesta on.

This weekend, the city of New Orleans will play host to San Fermín in Nueva Orleans, a mini-version of the Spanish féte featuring wild parties, revelers in red handkerchiefs and lots of sangria and kalimotxo (a cocktail of red wine and cola popular in northern Spain). The NOLA version of the encierro takes place this Saturday — but instead of runners facing a pack of deadly quadrupeds, they are chased by ferocious, charging beasts of a different kind: the badass members of the Big Easy Rollergirls squad.

Other events include El Txupinazo (a pre-party complete with tapas and a paella cook-off), a traditional San Fermín attire-themed party called La Fiesta de Pantalones, a Hemingway skit competition and, of course, a viewing of the World Cup finals.

For more information, check out the NOLABulls website.

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