Happy 31st Birthday, Hip-Hop

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That’s right (on) ... and they didn’t stop.

Jay-Z. Tupac. Madlib. ODB. Lil Wayne. Without the release of one specific song, these guys might’ve just picked up gigs working as boring lawyers.

Sept. 16, 1979 a trio of goofily named artists together called Sugarhill Gang released “Rapper’s Delight,” generally recognized as the very first hip-hop song.

Big Bank Hank, Master Gee and Wonder Mike banded together in bass-heavy funkiness to birth the inaugural rap single. The ferociously sticky song continues to hang in folks’ brains today and once played as the hand that struck the bottom of hip-hop’s newly-born butt.

What you hear is not a test. But if you feel like you should test it anyway, watch this live recording of Sugarhill Gang performing “Rapper’s Delight” below. Just watch out for that super sperm:

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