Matisyahu's Hanukkah-Song Video "Miracle"

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It’s no secret that there’s not a lot of great contemporary Hanukkah music out there. Once you get past Adam Sandler, the pickings are slim. But Matisyahu is coming to the rescue—literally in this new video for his Hanukkah song “Miracle.” After he takes a knock on the ice-rink, he dreams of oppressive Romans who employ a giant nutcracker and a hockey team to try to keep him down.

“There are so many Christmas songs out there,” the Hasidic rapper says. “I wanted to give the Jewish kids something to be proud of. We’ve got Adam Sandler’s song, which is hilarious, but I wanted to try to get across some of the depth and spirituality inherent in the holiday in a fun, celebratory song. My boy [producer Kool] Kojak was in town, so at the last minut,e we went into the studio in the spirit of miracles and underdogs and this is what we came up with. Happy Hanukkah!”

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