AR.Drone (iPad-controlled flying machine)

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AR.Drone (iPad-controlled flying machine)

If you like iPhone games, but are hungry for something a bit more substantive than the standard app-store fare, you can now own an AR.Drone, Parrot’s new remote-control flying machine designed for use with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

In addition to looking like a spiffy toy version of the US Army’s aerial UAVs, the AR.Drone sports a camera that streams back to your iphone over a built-in WiFi connection. Even better is the fact that along with standard operational software, Parrot is releasing AR.FlyingAce, an augmented-reality game that allows players to do virtual battle with their drone-owning friends. The FlyingAce software adds an interactive graphic overlay to players’ screens, a heads-up display featuring machine guns, rockets and advanced(-ish) targeting systems. This will allow players to engage in epic ariel dogfights with other AR.Drones and/or recreate Max and Margaret’s meet-cute from Rushmore. Also it will probably drain the iPhone’s battery in about five and a half minutes.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your wealthy, bored friends, pick up a couple of AR.Drones and head down to your local F16-lined airplane hangar for a little virtual dogfighting.