Awesome of the Day: Xbox 360 Kinect Hacks

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Awesome of the Day: Xbox 360 Kinect Hacks

We live in a world where technological innovations and evolutions happen so often that sometimes they slip under the radar. Each day we edge closer to a tangible reality filled with zero-pollution flying cars, robot butlers and totally awesome videogames.

Leave it to gamers to take something as already-cool as the Kinect and hack the system into something that is greater than the sum of its parts. The Kinect uses motion-capture/joint mapping technology to convert the world it sees into a fantasy the user can interact with. Kinect hackers have taken this one step further, by building from this same technology so that the Kinect can actually engage and change the real world around it. Our videogame systems are beginning to interact with us. Below is a video put together by Vsauce that features some of the best Kinect hacks to date. Enjoy, and remember: The future is now.