Indie Rockers Before They Were Famous

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Whether it’s their ability to stimulate our ears or wow us onstage with their performances, musicians often seem surrounded by aura that makes them seem infinitely cooler compared to all of us fans. But long before these rockers made their way into the limelight, we tend to forget that they were a lot like the rest of us. Thanks to the good folks at Stereogum, who last week dug up a series of our favorite artists during their younger years, we can see that these indie rockers were once just simply child-actors, student filmmakers and Elvis impersonators. Check out some of our favorite younger rockers below.

Grizzly Bear (1987): Check out Daniel Rossen at five-years old impersonating Elvis.

Death Cab For Cutie (1993): Back in high school, Ben Gibbard played in a band called Oddfellows. Here’s their cover of “God Save The Queen.”

Sleigh Bells (1997): Alexis Krauss is featured at the 7-second and 41-second mark of this Nickelodeon Magazine commercial.

Panda Bear (1999): Noah Lennox was the star of this student-made film back when he attended college at Boston University.

Vampire Weekend (2005): Lead singer Ezra Koenig made this low-budget flick during his first year in college.

For more old-school awesomeness, check out Stereogum, which has a much larger selection collection of Indie Rockers Before They Were Famous.

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