Jon Stewart Raps His Opinion on the Common Controversy

Comedy News
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Jon Stewart Raps His Opinion on the Common Controversy

FOX News been extremely verbal about their distaste for Common’s invite to the White House, and The Daily Show host Jon Stewart recently expressed his distaste for their unfounded claims with some verbal stylings of his own.

The rapper was invited by the First Lady for an evening of poetry and Fox News, along with other conservatives, did not hesitate to criticize the Obamas, calling Common a misogynist and proponent of cop-killing.

“This two-time Grammy-winning vegetarian’s invite to the White House has the Twitterverse very upset. And by Twitterverse I don’t mean people on Twitter. I mean twits, who took the time to ignore Common’s entire body of work save for one poem he wrote in 2007 that they appear to misunderstand,” said Stewart on his show.

After deconstructing FOX News’ claims through a series of clips, Stewart makes his point in the best possible way: rapping. Dear FOX News, you just got served.

Watch the entire segment below, or to just catch the rap skip ahead to the 4:00 mark in the part 2 video. Never did Tone Deaf Poetry Jam sound so good.

Part 1
Part 2