Breaking News, Brought to You By A Muppet

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Breaking News, Brought to You By A Muppet

The Twitter-verse is teeming with news on a 24/7 basis. With the big guys such as The Associated Press, CNN, BBC and The New York Times actively updating Twitter users with the latest headlines, it’s hard to miss breaking news.

Perhaps the newsiest of the bunch is @BreakingNews, a page devoted to tweeting “breaking news alerts around the world from hundreds of sources 24 hours a day.”

But now it appears as if BreakingNews has some competition – in the form of one of Jim Henson’s creations.

The lovable “meep”-ing Muppet Beaker is here to deliver daily updates. @BeakeringNews sends out @BreakingNews tweets in the characteristic voice of the Muppet.

So while @BreakingNews might tweet: ”Public, searchable archive of #PalinEmail now online,” @BeakeringNews will inform readers: ”Meeeep, meeeeeeeep meeeeep meep #PalinEmail meep meeeep”

One might think that followers of the Muppet would get annoyed with the perpetual “meep”-ing. The Washington Post producer Eric Athas, however, thinks otherwise.

“It has become somewhat valuable for me,” Athas said on his Tumblr. “As a producer at The Washington Post, I’m constantly watching Twitter for breaking news. And as a person, I just like to know what’s going on in the world. So @BreakingNews is one of the Twitter handles I pay attention to when it comes across my feed. But when things get busy, I don’t always catch it.

That’s where @BeakeringNews comes in. There have been several occasions where I’ve seen a @BeakeringNews tweet and gone back to find the @BreakingNews tweet.

So you may be wondering, wouldn’t it be more useful if the retweeted message used actual words? You would think so. But that’s the other great thing — it’s easy to miss someone’s retweet, it’s difficult to miss a combination of MEEPs and a picture of Beaker.”