Completely Believable Seinfeld Plots Via @SeinfeldStories

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Completely Believable <em>Seinfeld</em> Plots Via @SeinfeldStories

The world of sitcoms mourned when Seinfeld ended its ninth and final season in 1998. However, the show about nothing remains, to this day, one of the greatest series to grace our television sets. If the countless reruns aren’t proof enough, perhaps its extensive fan-base is.

One of those fans, in fact, decided to immortalize Seinfeld with the 21st century’s favorite micro-blogging platform, Twitter.

“Michael R.” tweets under the name @SeinfeldStories, posting completely made-up — yet completely believable — plotlines of Seinfeld episodes. In less than 140 characters, followers are updated with fake descriptions of the show.

Some hilarious examples of these tweets include “Jerry finds toe nail clippings in his apartment and can’t figure out who they came from; George vows to stop wishing people a happy birthday,” “George goes on a date with an unrequited high school crush but fears she only agreed to the date because she already lost her good looks,” and “Elaine mis-dials a church instead of her father; after a lengthy argument about contraceptives, Elaine forgets to call her Dad.”

Though @SeinfeldStories already has over 2,000 followers, it’s just begging for more.