What Would Matthew McConaughey Do?

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Feeling bogged down by life’s hard questions?

There’s a website that now offers relief. What Would Matthew McConaughey Do? is a website where users can type in their questions for the enlightened actor, and his random bouts of advice will pop up on the screen.

McConaughey has developed a bit of a reputation for his strange antics, including sitting nude playing the bongos in public.

Now, the answers are random, and the advice isn’t actually from Mr. McConaughey, but the responses are appropriate nonetheless.

For example, Q: “Cat wakes me up in middle of night?”

A: “Purring, or depositing fresh kills on your chest? If it’s the latter, stop complaining. Mark Zuckerberg knows how hard it is to slaughter fresh meat. Especially in the dark.”

Ask him and find out for yourself.

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