Frozen Pints Beer Ice Cream

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Frozen Pints Beer Ice Cream

Ice-cold beer and ice cream seem like the perfect complement to a summer day, so it’s only natural that someone would combine the two at some point. The people over at Atlanta-based Frozen Pints have, and the results sound pretty amazing—especially in August.

Frozen Pints advertises six flavors, which include peach lambic, honey IPA and malted-milk chocolate stout. Each flavor goes through at least 12 test recipes at a local pub before it’s finalized.

If you’re worried about getting a buzz after a bowl or two of the stuff, the company says on its website not to be too concerned; it would take several pints of ice cream to equal a standard beer. Frozen Pints is currently available at Atlanta-based beer events, where it’s been well received. The company is still looking to establish a retail presence.