Watch Footage of India's Newest "Sport": Train Surfing

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It would appear that India can’t get enough adrenaline. As if the stunning choreography in Bollywood musical numbers weren’t impressive enough, Indian folks have taken their agility to exhilirating—and downright perilous—new levels.

A video appeared on YouTube recently documenting a couple of young Indian men practicing a new extreme sport of sorts that can best be described as “train surfing.” In the footage, the men jump onto the side of a train and cling for dear life as they appear to be physically dragged along the pavement. Suddenly they’ve hopped further up the side of the train and ride until the next stop, along the way turning it into a “game,” if you will.

The dude up front, in particular, pulls off some ridiculous tricks, including reaching up to hit every pole and bar along the track like they’re checkpoints in a race, legitimately dangling off the bottom of the train at one point, and even jumping nearly completely off the train to run across a 20-foot-long ledge before leaping back against the train to narrowly avoid smashing into a turret-like structure.

Oh, and they both hang off the train as far as they can when possible, quickly flattening themselves back against it when obstacles come hurtling along. You know, like thick steel poles and fuse boxes. Nothing major.

We’re not sure what’s more insane: that these guys can train surf like this in the first place, or that they’ve undoubtedly practiced this stunt a lot and still have all their limbs (not to mention lives) intact.

As if it needs to be said: It’s probably a not good idea to try your hand at this extreme sport. Especially if you’re contemplating latching onto the side of a bullet train in Europe.

See it to believe it:

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