Fighting Copyright Law with Justin Bieber Prison Imagery

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Fighting Copyright Law with Justin Bieber Prison Imagery

A new copyright law that is “racing” through Congress right now proposes a maximum five-year sentence for copyright infringements like posting videos online that feature people singing covers of songs, professional sporting events, events with incidental music in the background. So what’s all this about Justin Bieber?

Well, under this new law, it turns out that the videos that Bieber’s parents posted of him singing Chris Brown songs as a little kid would be deemed illegal. The organization against the new copyright law is calling itself “Free Bieber” and features a number of awesome, Photoshopped pictures of Justin Bieber crying behind bars. Check out the website, where you can sign a petition to stop the bill.

Unfortunately, even though it’s for a good cause, I think the idea of putting Bieber behind bars might convince some to be perfectly okay with the new law.