Relive Lost With This Interactive Character Guide

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Relive <i>Lost</i> With This Interactive Character Guide

If you’re anything like us, when ABC’s sci-fi drama Lost finally ended after its sixth season we were in a state of surreal disbelief that there would be no more episodes of the highly entertaining, addictive show. Many of us were deeply saddened and struggled to figure out what to do with our lives after the series had concluded.

Thankfully, The National Post is helping to fill that Lost void with an interactive guide to the show’s massive ensemble of characters, divided up by season. As you click through the seasons, the new characters appear that were introduced that season. For fans, it’s like reliving the progression of characters throughout the series. For non-fans, it’s a good primer into the wild, bizarre world of Lost.

By hovering over each character’s name reveals a caption which reveals a short bio and how (or if) the character died. Some of the descriptions are hilarious, such as Walt’s: “He eventually escaped the island with his dad and grew, like, nine feet over the next couple of years.”

Check out the character guide here.