Drinkify Suggests Drinks For Your Music

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Drinkify Suggests Drinks For Your Music

Drinkify, the newest Internet app to use the power of streaming services like Last.fm, gives you a suggested drink to go with whatever you are listening to. Looking for something to waste hours on? See what drinks Drinkify suggests to go with your favorite artists here.

Some standouts that we tried:

-Arcade Fire: 1 PBR (“Serve Cold.”)
-Kanye West: 6 oz. Hennesy (“Serve neat. Stir slowly.”)
-Sufjan Stevens: 1 bottle of organic red wine (“Serve at room temperature. Garnish with cucumber.)
-Bob Dylan: 8 oz. Sipsmith Gin, 8 oz. Cough Syrup (“Combine in highball glass and serve.”)

When we typed in “Miley Cyrus,” it told us not to listen to Miley Cyrus and suggested we drink a Red Bull. Touché, Drinkify, touché.