Man Stranded in Alaska for Three Days Survives on Beer

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Man Stranded in Alaska for Three Days Survives on Beer

We all hear about the dangers of alcohol every day, but what if it could save your life? That was the case for Clifton Vial, a 52-year-old Nome, Alaska, man who lived on cans of beer for three days after his car was stuck in a snowdrift.

Vial was on a 40-mile trip down a northbound road when his truck was stuck. The guy was wearing tennis shoes, jeans and a $30 jacket from Sears when this happened, the Anchorage Daily News reported.

So, stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing to eat, Vial rummaged through his truck and found a couple of frozen Coors Light cans in his truck. With the cans frozen and the temperature below zero, Paste has to assume that the cans were “cold activated” and that the Rocky Mountains on the can turned blue.

“I cut the lids off and dug (the beer) out with a knife,” Vial said about eating the beer.

Vial was rescued three days after the incident, with a co-worker and a volunteer rescuing him from his truck.

You can take a look at the full story over at the Anchorage Daily News, and check out a list of winter beers we’d prefer to keep us warm here.