Watch the Return of Ferris Bueller

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Watch the Return of Ferris Bueller

The Internet blew up last night with the mysterious 10-second video of a middle-aged Ferris Bueller claiming, “How can I handle work on a day like today?” The date of the Super Bowl pops up on a black screen, which made many believe it was just a great marketing scheme to prep for a Super Bowl commercial.

Now Chicagoist (a website from Ferris’ hometown) has reported that a source claims it is a teaser for a Honda commercial. Oh, how the mighty Ferris has fallen. Remember when he drove around town in a Ferrari? It looks like he had his mid-life crisis his senior year of high school and is now ready to settle down on a modestly priced sedan.

Ferris Bueller in a Honda commercial. Well, that’s just no fun. How about we assume there will be another Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? Ferris is probably a lawyer, but somehow never manages to have to go to court. Sloane is gorgeous as ever, and the two of them have children. Meanwhile Cameron is, well, still Cameron. Wouldn’t you rather see that and not a Honda commercial?

Check out the teaser below and just for the fun of it: give us your best Ferris Bueller sequel synopsis.