Requiem for a Dream Gets Re-Imagined with Puppets

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<i>Requiem for a Dream</i> Gets Re-Imagined with Puppets

You’d think adding puppets might lighten the mood for anything, but as a Fake Film Festentry proves, that’s not necessarily true. A video posted by Skelemo on YouTube depicts Darren Aronofsky’s classic Requiem for a Dream with puppets, and the result is, well, super creepy.

The re-imagined clip was done by Brendan James Boyd, Jess Wood, Matthew Jacques, Marcela Rausch, Ali Hasan, Dusty Hagerud, and Karla Kampars with music by Michael Gordon, Live for Films pointed out.

Take a look below to see the film’s most recognized scenes recreated, including the signature shot of an eye dilating, only this time with some felt.