Mike Birbiglia and Terry Gross' "2 Fresh 2 Furious"

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Mike Birbiglia and Terry Gross' "2 Fresh 2 Furious"

Have you ever wondered what public radio show hosts are like after the microphones are turned off? Comedian, producer and director Mike Birbiglia used his latest short film, “2 Fresh 2 Furious,” to show a hilarious vision of NPR’s Fresh Air host Terry Gross outside of the workplace. Without giving too much away, Gross is pretty much always in interview mode—even in life-threatening situations.

The short film made its debut last night during the screening of This American Life LIVE and was released online this morning through the Facebook page for Birbiglia’s feature comedy, Sleepwalk With Me. The film was written and directed by Birbiglia and was inspired by his one-man show of the same name. Sleepwalk With Me was also co-written by Ira Glass of This American Life. Check out the “2 Fresh 2 Furious” clip below.