Read a Law Professor's Take on Jay-Z's "99 Problems"

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We at Paste would love to think that Caleb Mason, law professor at Southwestern Law School, was inspired by our disproving song stats infographic when he wrote a paper on Jay-Z’s seminal “99 Problems,” though we know that to be a total fallacy.

Tons of research went into Mason’s analysis of the second verse of the song, talking about what Hov gets right and wrong. Mason teaches criminal procedure at Southwestern and has plenty to say about the factual inaccuracies of the song, even relying on Jay-Z’s own notes on the song in Decoded.

“All the students know it,” Mason said on why he chose it.

This is the kind of law professor we can get behind. Who’s volunteering to dissect “F*** The Police” by N.W.A.?

Read the entire paper here (be warned, this is a link to the PDF, so you may be prompted to download the PDF if you don’t automatically read them in your browser).

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