Watch a Supercut of Aaron Sorkin's Reused Lines

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Watch a Supercut of Aaron Sorkin's Reused Lines

With credits ranging from A Few Good Men to The West Wing to The Social Network, Aaron Sorkin is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after and highly acclaimed screenwriters.

After winning an Oscar for writing The Social Network in 2010 and adapting Michael Lewis’ book Moneyball for the big screen in 2011, Sorkin has returned to TV with Newsroom, an HBO drama starring Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer that looks at the inner workings of a cable newscast. The series premiered on Sunday to mixed reviews, and contains all the hallmarks of a Sorkin production—plenty of politics, plenty of heated exchanges and plenty of Sorkinisms.

What is a Sorkinism, you ask? Look no further than this YouTube video that has compiled all of the lines Sorkin has reused over the years.