Celebrate Bill Murray's Birthday With This Amazing Mashup

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Happy birthday, Bill Murray! Today, we celebrate the actor’s 62nd birthday and his amazing career in Hollywood.

It is almost impossible to summarize the greatness that is Bill Murray. He is easily one of the most quotable actors around and has created some of the most iconic characters in movie history. He effortlessly morphed his career from slap-stick comedy, like he did on Saturday Night Live, into a more sophisticated style of comedy that is typical in his Wes Anderson roles.

Just the promise of an appearance of Murray makes any film instantly better. So how do you pay tribute to one of the coolest people in Hollywood? How about making a mash-up video of his movies and put them into a song about being Bill Murray?

Eclectic Method made a tribute video to Murray earlier this summer. They took bits and pieces of Murray’s movies throughout his career and created a pretty catchy song.

Be sure to check the Eclectic Method’s tribute to Bill Murray below.

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