Jimmy Fallon Takes Audiences on Historic Tour of TV Theme Songs

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Jimmy Fallon Takes Audiences on Historic Tour of TV Theme Songs

Back in the day, TV shows used to accompany their opening credits with a fitting theme song for the show. Sadly, as TV evolved, the theme song began to die out and the days of associating a show with a song were no more. Jimmy Fallon, upset by the lack of theme songs on TV, decided to remind audiences just how wonderful a theme song could truly be.

Last night, on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Fallon was accompanied by the cast of his new sitcom Guys With Kids to perform “History of TV Theme Songs.” The performance was a mashup of TV’s most iconic theme songs, which included themes from The Jeffersons;, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Friend, Saved By the Bell and more.

The performance ended with the guys running through the audience starting a giant sing-a-long to the Cheers’ theme song “Where Everybody Knows Your Name.”

In another attempt to bring theme songs back to modern TV, Fallon wrote and performed the theme song for Guys With Kids.

Watch the guy’s performance of “History of TV Theme Songs” below. Be sure to tune into NBC weeknights to watch Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Also catch the new comedy series, Guys With Kids, also airing on NBC at 8:30.