Parker Posey's Emmy Acceptance Advice

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Parker Posey's Emmy Acceptance Advice

It can be a stressful thing giving an Emmy acceptance speech. With so many clichés to pick from, it is hard to know what route to go. Luckily, Parker Posey has made a video on how to give the perfect Emmy Speech.

Posey stars as JA, N a.k.a “Just Act, Naturally,” a legendary acting coach that knows what truly matters in show business and that is the Emmy acceptance speech. Sure some would think it’s the acting, but JA,N knows that is not the case.

Watch the video below that has Posey teaching her students what to do and what not to do when delivering their speeches. Be sure to tune in to the 64th Annual Primetime Emmys this Sunday on ABC. Also catch Posey on the season premiere of New Girl on Fox Sept. 25.