Xavius, The Professional Instagram Artist

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We all Instagram, but few of us put any real thought into how we take pictures, how we filter and how we tag. We use brightening and focus softening as excuses for laziness. We don’t realize that it takes far more than the Kelvin filter or Nashville’s lo-fi border to turn a discarded pizza box or parking meter into a work of art. Fortunately, Instagram artist, visionary and savant Xavius is here to open our eyes and wrest us from pathetic profiles. For a steep but worthwhile price, he will transform your from drab and “archaic” visual online persona into a perfectly filtered “like” machine. And who doesn’t like “likes”? Who doesn’t love “likes”? Isn’t that what it’s all about?

The people at Olde Payphone Films recently went behind the scenes with Xavius to take a look at the man, his work and the people he surrounds himself with that make it all possible. As Blorph, one of his clients, says: “The things he does with photographs are like cutting a knife through society.”

See for yourself below.

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