The Popinator: A Voice-Activated Popcorn Eating Machine

Tech News
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The Popinator: A Voice-Activated Popcorn Eating Machine

As the employees of Popcorn Indiana know, the way people consume popcorn is something that will likely never change. The stuff often turns friends into self-proclaimed marksmen, the popular snack inevitably ends up being tossed into mouths from various angles and distances, providing never-ending hilarity and fun for all.

Popcorn Indiana has decided to take this unchanging ritual to the next level. Enter the Popinator, a voice-activated machine that shoots popcorn into the mouth of the consumer.

The machine specifically reacts to the word “pop” and locates the exact location from which the command derives. Shortly thereafter, a piece of popcorn launches through the air toward the pinpointed location.

Unfortunately, for those hoping to get their hands on this breakthrough in Western technology ABC News is reporting that the Popinator is still in the prototype stages and is “not available to the average couch potato.” However, with a nation obsessed with food (more specifically, consuming it in interesting ways), one would think it is only a matter of time before the Popinator becomes a household name.

Check out the promotional video for The Popinator below.