There's an App That Shows the Best Times to Pee During Movies

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There's an App That Shows the Best Times to Pee During Movies

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting in a movie theater and, suddenly…you have to go. You have three options: 1) You can just get it over with and go, risking missing out on a crucial part of the movie you’ve paid $10+ to see. 2) You resolve to endure the agony of holding it for the entire movie, hoping the urge will subside. 3) You spend the entire movie debating whether you should hold it or go, with this conflict inevitably taking precedence over whatever is happening on screen.

The classic quandry might now be a thing of the past, thanks to the RunPee app, which tells you the optimum times of a movie to make dash to the bathroom, ensuring you won’t miss anything important. The app even gives you a synopsis of what you did miss during your time away, so little is lost.

The app is regularly updated with the latest movies to hit theaters, and all you have to do is cue up the app when the movie starts and a timeline appears, letting you know how long until the next prime time to take a bathroom break. It even gives an on-screen cue, such as “Sean Parker finds out about The Facebook and says, ‘I just need to find you, Zuckerberg.’”

RunPee is only $0.99. Take a look at a video tour below (via Taxi).