Watching Horror Movies Burns Calories

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Watching Horror Movies Burns Calories

Having trouble finding motivation to go to the gym? No need to worry, science has got your back. Dr. Richard Mackenzie and his colleagues at University of Westminster in London are reporting that moviegoers indulging in any form of horror film have the potential to burn close to 200 additional calories per viewing. The Shining (184 calories), Jaws (161 calories) and The Exorcist (158 calories) round out the top three fat burners.

Science had been in time-out ever since bursting the bubble on the possibility for a real life Jurassic Park, crushing the hopes and dreams of thrill-seekers and people with unrealistic expectations alike. However, it appears Dr. Mackenzie and co. have returned to save the day for good ole science by giving us a reason to watch movies instead of partaking in physical activity.

According to the report, films that include moments of surprise that cause viewers to jump in terror are the best calorie-burners due to the increased heart rate they cause. While this report may seem slightly rooted in, you know, common sense, we give you an ‘A’ for effort, Dr. Mackenzie.

(via the Telegraph)