Forget Boring Carvings, This Pumpkin Plays Tetris

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While we’ve all been hard at work carving Ron Swanson ‘staches and various spooky expressions into our Halloween pumpkins, one man thought he’d go a step further.

As Nathan, owner of the HaHa Bird blog explains, he had an idea last year to make a Tetris pumpkin. Initially he was just going to shape pumpkins into different Tetris pieces as they grew, then stack them together into a massive life-size Tetris game. Due to time constraints, he decided instead to make a pumpkin that can actually play Tetris.

He made his own LED matrix, programmed the Tetris game, drilled holes, carved the perfect “screen” into the pumpkin and turned the stem into a joystick.

You can follow his step-by-step process here, and be sure to check out Pumpktris in all its glory below.

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