Tom Hanks Performs Full House-Inspired Slam Poetry

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Tom Hanks Performs <i>Full House</i>-Inspired Slam Poetry

Tom Hanks  is currently on a promotional tour for his film Cloud Atlas (out Oct. 26). After dropping F-bombs in front of the morning crowd, he stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to discuss the film and premiere his new slam poem.

Inspired by the ABC sitcom starring Bob Saget, John Stamos and the Olsen twins, Hanks performs with such intensity that you can’t helped but be simultaneously nostalgic and scared. The actor’s rhymes cover the show’s catchphrases (“How rude!”), Beach Boys obsession, and everything that happens in between in that house full of…men.

If you’re a fan of Tom Hanks, Full House or anything awesome, be sure to check out the video below.