Adventurer Looks to Recreate Up House

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Adventurer Looks to Recreate <i>Up</i> House

Jonathan Trappe, adventurer and professional cluster balloonist, has long dreamt of flying across the Atlantic Ocean. While some may suggest to Trappe one of the many airlines that offer such a service as a daily occasion, Trappe has other plans in mind. It is Trappe’s intention to fly a vessel much like Carl Fredricksen does in Pixar’s Up.

Trappe has been planning the trip for quite some time. His longest trip took him from his home in North Carolina to Mexico. Furthermore, he recently tested his craft’s ability to land on water, should he need to something similar in case of an emergency over the Atlantic.

Be sure to visit Trappe’s website to learn more about his goal and how to contribute. Check out a video below detailing Trappe’s recent test-run. (via The Daily Mail)