Cinemark to Award People Who Actually Watch Movies They Pay To See

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Cinemark to Award People Who Actually Watch Movies They Pay To See

Let’s face it; we are all addicted to cellphones. In the time since I started writing this post, I have checked my device at least six times to see if anybody has texted me to check in. Filmmakers have already adjusted to this fact by simplifying their plots so that paying attention need only take a back seat to the constant need for communication. But Cinemark has decided to stand up against an evolving society and bribe their customers to resist the temptation to text during their time in a movie theater.

As Deadline reports, Cinemark has officially launched CineMode, an application that can determine whether a phone is used during a predetermined amount of time. Should the owner keep their hands off their phone, digital coupons will be distributed as a reward.

Immediately before a film is set to start, a message from Cinemark will appear on the screen urging customers to launch CineMode. The app will then promptly dim the phone’s screen and request the phone be put on vibrate mode.

In order to receive the reward, viewers must stay in the CineMode app throughout the duration of the film. Instead, they must watch the film they paid to see, creating perhaps the simplest positive response strategy in history.

You can download the app here.