Slayer Takes On The Holidays With Their Own Tacky Sweater

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With the holiday season right around the corner, everyone’s favorite article of clothing will slowly begin to emerge from it’s hiding spot. Yes, slowly but surely, people will be donning those traditional holiday sweaters and plaguing the sidewalks as they do their holiday shopping. Now, the metal band Slayer has decided to update this holiday tradition with their own version of the holiday sweater.

Never have two worlds been so perfect for each other then that of Slayer and the Holidays. Taking inspiration from “your uncle’s ugly holiday attire” the band has created quite the delightful addition to any holiday wardrobe. The “Slayer Christmas Holiday Jumper” is a holly-jolly shade of red with black accents. The band’s logo is smack dab in the middle and instead of featuring lame reindeers or snowflakes, Slayer went for the decorative skull images and downturned pentagrams to add their festival flare.

So if you have been sweating on what to get that relative that just seems to have every little thing, sweat no more. Click here to order your very own “Slayer Christmas Holiday Jumper” before they run out.

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