Bill Murray Gets Kidnapped and Tazed Before His Late Show Appearance

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Bill Murray Gets Kidnapped and Tazed Before His <i>Late Show</i> Appearance

Bill Murray  had a bit of a traumatic experience getting to the Late Show with David Letterman for his appearance on Thursday night’s show.

Letterman announced his guest in the typical manner pointing to the side of the stage where they usually enter. Instead of panning over to see Murray walking out, the camera cuts to the street where a black SUV pulls up to reveal a kidnapped Murray, who has been tied up with a cover over his face. The kidnappers then drag the pleading Murray out of the car and begin to walk him into the studio, but before they enter they taser Murray to shut him up. Finally Murray is thrown on stage, where he has been no one knows, but the winded actor does feel good to be back.

Watch Murray’s dramatic entrance onto the the Late Show below.