J.J. Abrams Arranging Early Star Trek Into Darkness Screening for Terminal Cancer Patient

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J.J. Abrams Arranging Early <i>Star Trek Into Darkness</i> Screening for Terminal Cancer Patient

Never wanting to reveal too much until their respective premieres, J.J. Abrams is famous for putting a wall of secrecy between his upcoming projects and the public, but he recently made an awesome gesture to a terminal cancer patient whose last dying wish is to see Star Trek Into Darkness.

Brought to the attention of Collider by Grady Henrix (writer and founder of the New York Asian Film Festival) on reddit, Abrams has reportedly contacted the dying man about arranging a screening:

“Thanks everyone, and a huge thanks to OP ideeyut for posting this. JJ Abrams just called Dan’s wife and left a message. He’s going to try to arrange a screening for Dan, either of the film or at least of the 9 minute promo reel…I’ll never say anything bad about JJ Abrams again. Seriously. He is now beyond reproach as far as I’m concerned.”

No word yet on if a screening has been scheduled; however, the fact that Abrams took the time to respond to what could’ve easily been a hoax reinforces just how much we can’t wait to see his most recent film for ourselves.