NBC's Community Gets Its Very Own Fan Convention

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NBC's <i>Community</i> Gets Its Very Own Fan Convention

An entire convention devoted solely to NBC’s Community, sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, brace yourselves Community fans, this convention is about to become a reality. Organizers for the convention, called CommuniCon, have announced their plans to hold the convention this February, at a very familiar looking setting.

According to the CommuniCon tumblr, which currently has all the information regarding the convention, the event is currently set to take place Feb. 9- 10 at the Los Angeles City College, which is where many of the exterior shots of Greendale were shot during the first season. While not many details have been solidified, nor has a list of cast members willing to attend been released, the event’s website does say that creator and former show runner Dan Harmon has expressed interest in attending.

Check out the CommuniCon’s tumblr to get all the latest information about the convention. You can tune into NBC on Feb. 7 when the long-awaited fourth season of Community makes its premiere.

(via. TV Guide)