LED Ice Cubes Detect Alcohol, Warn You When You Drink Too Much

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They light up. They pulse along with ambient music. They’re even (mostly) edible.

But these ice cubes aren’t just some fun party novelty. They’re LED ice cubes that can detect alcohol and warn you if you’re consuming too much of it.

After a night of partying landed him in the hospital with an alcohol-induced blackout, MIT Media Lab researcher Dhariya Dand spent the next three weeks inventing a gadget that could prevent him from getting that intoxicated again, according to ABC News.

Enter “Cheers.” As the video below shows, the “Cheers” ice cubes change color as your alcohol consumption increases. Green means that it’s your first drink. A yellow/orange glow warns you of high alcohol levels. Red means that you should stop drinking.

If you continue to drink past the red signal, the cubes can also send your friends a text message via your smartphone alerting them of the situation to get you help.

Each cube contains an accelerometer, which keeps track of the number of sips you’ve had, and a timer which helps guess your level of intoxication based on the time elapsed.

The tracking equipment is encased in a waterproof, jelly-like mold.

When “Cheers” will be available for sale is still unknown, but since it only cost Dand $50 to make the cubes it seems that when they do hit the shelves, they may end up being pretty affordable.

Cheers – alcohol-aware glowing ice-cubes that beat to ambient music from Dhairya Dand on Vimeo.

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