Matt Damon Finally Gets Revenge on Jimmy Kimmel

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Matt Damon Finally Gets Revenge on Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Live got a hostile takeover by Matt Damon who, after years of repeated bullying, transformed the show into Jimmy Kimmel Sucks. It’s been a long time coming; For the past 10 years, Kimmel has ended his show by saying something along the lines of, “Sorry, Matt Damon is here, but we ran out of time and can’t have him on…”

Kimmel sat hopelessly gagged and bound to a chair while Damon proceeded to assume his position as host. Damon not only took over as host, but he replaced Kimmel’s right hand man, Guillermo, with Andy Garcia.

He had A-list celebrity guests as well including Sheryl Crow, who replaced the band, Reese Witherspoon, known bestie Ben Affleck, Demi Moore, Nicole Kidman and even Kimmel’s ex Sarah Silverman.

Check out the opening monologue from the hilariously awesome episode below.