Watch a Back to the Future-Themed Hovercraft in Action

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Watch a <i>Back to the Future</i>-Themed Hovercraft in Action

There are people who love Back to the Future and then people who REALLY love Back to the Future.

Matthew Riese would appear to fit the latter. Earlier this week, amateur video footage captured what looked to be the famous time-traveling DeLorean from the beloved ‘80s franchise zipping along the San Francisco Bay beach.

The footage is viewable below.

The hovercraft in question belongs to Riese, who started building it back in 2008. After completing a “rough” version of his passion project in 2010, he launched a Kickstarter campaign to secure the necessary funding needed to finish the prototype. According to his profile, the Calif. DMV has officially registered the hovercraft as a boat.

Unfortunately, since top speed for the craft is only 45 mph, there will be no 88 mph joyrides for this flux capacitor-deprived vehicle.